“ARTISTIC KASHMIR” Undoubtedly Kashmir is famous for its beauty, culture, cuisine and of course hospitality.The valley of Kashmir is also known throughout the world for its arts and crafts.The diverse art includes:- 1)Carpet: -Carpet weaving in Kashmir was not originally indigenous but it is thought to have come in by the way of Persia.Kashmiri carpets […]

“Flavours of Kashmir”  Although rice is the staple diet of the valley.The cuisine of Kashmir includes tasty foods in which wazwaan is of prominent importance.The Kashmiris are famous for their delectable vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes.The style of cooking is different for Hindus and Muslims although with a lot of similarities.Traditional Kashmiri food includes […]

“MYSTIC KASHMIR” THe valley of Kashmir is not only known for its beauty and culture but it is also the confluence of different faiths where various religions prospered In harmony with one another.THe valley of Kashmir is sacred and is also referred as”peer vear” or “Reash vear”(valley of saints).Some of the important aces include 1)Hazratbal […]

True Colours Of Kashmir Kashmir-The Paradise on earth is not only famous for its lakes, crystal color streams, cool air, sweet-water mighty mountains, breath taking landscapes but it is also known for its rich cultural heritage and hospitality.The Kashmir also referred to as valley has a very old history of its own which is evident […]