Kashmir “The Anglers Paradise" Kashmir is called ‘ The Anglers Paradise’ because the valley of Kashmir contains crystal-clear cold water turbulent streams, mighty springs, Sars and many high altitude lakes, lofty snow-clad mountains, thick forests of pine trees, lush green meadows, beautiful valleys and a beautiful fish fauna with a very pleasant and healthy climate. Kashmir offers great scope for sports fisheries. That is why Anglers from all over the world come over here every year to enjoy the thrill of angling in the snow fed streams and lakes of this valley.Angling is open from a month of April to September every year. However, the duration of angling can be extended or shortened by the Directorate of Fisheries, J & K Government on the basis of suitable conditions prevailing from time to time. Angling is not allowed without a license/permit procurable from the Directorate of Fisheries. The license is valid for one day only. The bag limit is 6 fish only.License/permit has to be kept along during fishing and produced to the departmental officials on demand.No subletting, sharing or transfer of the fish permit is allowed. All natural baits, dead or alive, are prohibited. Only artificial-fly-fishing is allowed. No unauthorised persons are allowed to work as shikaris (Gillies). Only one rod per angler is allowed.Trout is present in all the streams and Dallas of the valley. The important ones are Lidder, Wangath, Gurez, Hamal, Lam, Sindh, Kishenganga, Sukhnag, Doodhganga, Erin, Ferozpur(Tangmarg), Bringi, Aharbal, Airport, Dachigam, Kokernag, Nuristan, Madhumati, and Newburgh. These streams have been divided into a number of trout beats by the Department of Fisheries. For the detailed list of these Trout Beats Fishing in the Lidder Valley: The Lidder Valley is a fisherman’s dream – pure mountain air, serene tranquility and bountifully populated waters. The Lidder River feeds the entire region of lush meadows and magnificent clear lakes with a series of tributaries and streams, all of which teem with rainbow and brown trout. The best time for fishing stretches from April to September, and the best spots are recorded by locals, so we always know where to head to find the best fishing beets.