Past Mughals gardens of Achabal with their tinkling fountains, through the breathtaking splendor of the springs at Kokernag, lies Daksum. Quite away from it all, tucked away in a densely forested gorge, Daksum would be completely silent but for the Bring river which rushes through it. Daksum is a walker’s paradise where you can explore the untouched beauty of nature and the simple traditional way of life people have been practicing there since ages. Up the hills which are swathed in coniferous trees, past gurgling brooks, the simple, haunting notes of a flute will waft down to you from where an unseen shepherd tends his flock. For in the hills surrounding Daksum, suddenly you will find yourself in grassy meadows where sheep are taken to pasture. Daksum is a reviving experience – the bracing mountain air, the solitude, the densely clad hills, and beyond them, snow covered mountains all contribute to Daksum’s mystique, making it the perfect retreat.Daksum is also a famous angling beat, here you can catch freshwater brown trout and rainbow trout. From Daksum you can trek up to the Simthan top towards Kashtiwar and onwards to Lamayuru in Ladakh region.