We welcome you to Hotel Mama Palace. Hotel Mama Palace Gulmarg is among Deluxe Hotels in Gulmarg Kashmir and is a fully furnished. If you are looking for a perfect journey with the lovely hotel to spend time with close friends or family Hotel Mama Palace will ensure that your trip to Gulmarg will be memorable.Our hotel is excellent and very clean with international level services. We make your trip completely wonderful and memorable. Hotel Mama Palace aimed at providing the all required facilities. Gulmarg has four seasons which brings a different charm for every different season. A Gulmarg is always best whatever season is chosen. Gulmarg is always the best travel destination in Asia.

Gulmarg – dubbed by many writers the ‘Venice of the East’, a friendly town, bubbling with life, swirling bazaars, riddled with a maze of canals– where skiing is a passion, where the aroma of pine turns you romantic, it is this magic of Gulmarg and the luxury of Best Hotel In Gulmarg Kashmir make it more interesting.

A bright smile from the doorman, up to a short flight of stairs, through swinging doors into the warm sleek lobby. You have just witnessed the beginning of the famous Kashmir hospitality. The rustic surroundings interspersed with a few touches of greenery accompanied by a hot pot of delicately flavored ‘Qahwa’

Inside the room television sets, running hot and cold water and much more. Each room, tastefully decorated, overlooking the lake. You can sip a soothing drink, watch the glorious sun, its dying rays glittering on the snowy mountains.