The Pangong Inn is a luxury resort that is located in the vicinity of Pangong Lake Ladakh that is near about 120 kilometers away from Leh. This exotic locale has a virgin beauty that remains flawless and unblemished so far. But the world is now awakening to rejoicing to the tunes of Mother Nature and revering its beauty with their every breath. With the advent of few advertising and movie’s concepts shot in this beautiful locales, people are aspiring to be here with paramount curio.

The Pangong Inn witnesses the innate beauty and nature’s splendor while overlooking the Pangong Lake, a salt water lake. With sparkling water at feet and the expansive blue sky over head, stay at The Pangong Inn can be a heady dream that would like to go on for eternity. What makes this luxury inn even more striking is that fact that it is the first and the foremost hotel in that area. In order to maintain the sanctity of Mother Nature, only camps and tents have been used. While 9 rooms are already functional, another lap of 10 deluxe tents are about to be erected