A three hour drive through the famed apple orchards of Sopore, through Kupwara district will bring you to this enchantingly lovely valley, visited by so few. But it is this very quality that makes Lolab so special- virtually flat lands planted with fields of paddy , verdant in summer, pure gold in autumn are offset to perfection for the gently rolling hills that encircle the valley , clad in the deepest green that is the color of pines. Trees of walnut and apple whose colours reflect the changing of the seasons from nature’s bounty here. And in the tiny hamlets that sprinkle the valley , you will see a life that is distinctly and uniquely Kashmiri. Timbered houses with sloping thatched roofs; the brillant vermillion of chillies drying from windows; women carrying samvovars of tea into the fields where every member of the family is engaged . In short Kashmiri village life as it has been led for centuries.
Surrounded with lush green forests, majestic and snow caped mountains and having unparalleled scenic beauty, Lolab Valley , popularly called “ Land of love and beauty”. Even though much is talked of Lolab, but its beautiful resorts of Chandigam, Warnow and Surigam are mostly unexplored by the tourists. “Chandigam is a picturesque place with dense forests and lush green meadows all around. The gushing waters in the vicinity attract one and all. Lolab is also famous for Kalarous Caves which are three in number and according to the locals the biggest among the caves which is on the high mountain start from Lolab and end in Russia. There is also a big rock with Seven Windows called locally as ‘Satbaran’. The other place of tourist interest is Dedikout. Lolab is a tourist place which needs at-least a week to explore its beauty.