Peacock Houseboats are a Group of Houseboats moored on the top site of Nagin Lake, one of the most beautiful and peaceful of all the lakes
Made of fragrant cedar and well furnished with antique wooden furniture, the ornately carved houseboats in the Peacock group reflect a time gone-by reminiscent of the days of the British Raj.
Every houseboat has a spacious carpeted sitting room, a dining room and bedrooms with western bathrooms attached. Each houseboat has a houseboy who is available to serve meals, make the beds, clean the rooms and provide complimentary tea at any time.
All have signed on both the lakeside and landside that clearly identifies each houseboat as part of the Peacock Group of Houseboats. Every houseboat is deluxe class and all are equally beautiful, although there are a few differences between them. The houseboats have two, three or four bedrooms. We accommodate our guests on the houseboat best suited to the number and size of each family or group. All the houseboats are equal in terms of quality, comfort, and food.
Each houseboat has a cushioned verandah from which guests can look out over the lake – the houseboy will serve tea as the sunsets over the mountains peaks and shikaras paddle slowly by, offering fresh fruit, flowers, and handicrafts for sale, as well as an expansive sun deck on top of the houseboat, perfect for sitting outside when the weather is warm.

Located opposite Nagin Club in Srinagar, Peacock Houseboats has tourist attractions like Astaan Shareef Madin Sahib (Approx. 2km) and Nageen Lake (Approx. 6km) in its vicinity. Guests can also visit Nehru Garden, Chashmashahi, and Nishat Bagh during the stay.

Distances from Srinagar International Airport: Approx. 17km
Distances from Srinagar Railway Station: Approx. 17km

Houseboat Facilities:
The basic facilities provide room service, front desk, daily housekeeping, 24-hour security and the internet for the comfort of the guests.

The hotel offers accommodation options equipped with necessary amenities for the comfort and safety of the guests.
• Internet
• Doorman
• Housekeeping
Personal Services
• 24 Hour Room Service
• Room Service
Hotel Amenities
• 24-Hour Security
No Category
• Front Desk