Located 80 km from Srinagar at an altitude of 1,876 m, the spring of Verinag is believed to be the chief source of the river Jhelum. Construction of the octagonal base of the spring and the arcade around it was undertaken by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and completed during the reign of Shah Jahan. Down the stream to the east lie the remains of a Mughal pavilion and baths. Verinag can be approached through the link road, which turns off, from the national highway at Lower Munda.
The present name Verinag is probably the deformed version of Virah-Nag in Sanskrit. It is located about 61 Kilometers south of Srinagar at the foot of Banihal hill range. The gushing spring of Verinag is the source of the river Jhelum in Kashmir.Mughal Emperor Jahangir was highly impressed by the natural beauty of this irregular spring and its surroundings and built an octagonal tank of sculptured stones around it in 1620 A.D. Seven years later his son Shah Jahan constructed cascades and fountains in straight lines in front of the spring and also hot and cold baths (Hamam) of which only ruins are now left. Its bountiful gushing water, open lawns, mighty chinars, color and fragrance of flowers against the backdrop of a green forest are the bounties of nature one can be proud of. The garden covers an area of about 5.30 ha. The place is a must see for tourists.