Bhadarwah is a town and tehsil in the Doda district, in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The town is governed by a Notified Area Council (city council). The Bhadarwah Valley is located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, 80 km from Batote. The town is nicknamed mini Kashmir. As well as forests, the town has a number of small streams flowing through it.Bhaderwah is also known as Nagon ki Bhoomi, which means “land of snakes.”[1] Bhaderwah Town (Nagar Bhaderwah) was known as “Hettary Nagar” and prior to that, there were two other towns namely “Donga Nagar” and “Udho Nagar.” Both the Nagar was situated around villages Mondha which is about 3 km to the east of present Bhaderwah town. At one point both the Nagars were flooded due to torrential floods from the Himalayas, and the presence of the big boulders today reveal the story of the disaster that occurred then. Later on, the people of Bhaderwah selected a place for their rehabilitation in Seeri (from word “seer” meaning a vast piece of land), now known as Seeri Bazar, a vast field belonging to a Zamindar (farmer) and reconstructed their dwellings around it. Bhaderwah constituency contains various places and villages like Halaran, of Tehsil Thathri of Doda district and all other villages of tehsil Bhaderwah.